Solution or Problem

In wake of yet another horrible mass shooting I ask myself “Am I part of the problem or the solution?”

I’ve been glued to the news channel listening to debates on gun control, terrorist vs work place violance, everyone’s thoughts and opinions trying to answer the question why? Why again?

It feels like we are missing the root of the problem. Yes…I believe we should  have stricter gun control and better mental health care, that our politcians need to unite for the greater good but what is the real problem? Humans? Our thinking? Our action and reaction? Is the life I’m living reflecting solution? Or does it reflect walking a narrow line not looking to my right or to my left praying none of the mess falls into my path. If it does then I’ll have to face that I may be more of the problem.

I’m not 100 percent sure how to live the solution. I think what I heard today by a man  ….coming together breaking bread showing that we all stand for humanity, is something that I like. Also I think I keep reverting back to what I recently started saying to myself as a form of meditation . “As you breathe in cherish yourself , as you breathe out cherish the world” by the Dali. I know it can’t be that simply but isn’t it really. If our thoughts, words and actions were done as easily as breathing in and out remembering to cherish ourselves and cherish everything else would our thoughts words and actions be different?










WTF is this?

47 and weight loss feels a little saggy!! So I’ve decided to claim December as LETS DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS #&%*!!!! For one month I’m going to do the exercises that claim to help with this. Yikes….fingers crossed. I will post later my plan of attack. (lol yes I do know there are only improvements….but that’s what I’m going for!!!)